Monday, November 27, 2006

The (almost) End of the Semester Run-Down

Number of classes until I'm done, done, done: 11

Number of days until we leave for Spain: 15

Number of loads of laundry I'll need to do before we go: umm, 42?

Number of weeks completed for next semesters' syllabi: 3 (for one class) and 4 (for another)

Number of book contests I sent my book(s) to: 3

Number I've won: 0 (to be fair, only one is "over")

Number of poetry month poems I turned into short shorts for my book: 2

Number of Christmas presents purchased: 7

Number for Middlebrow and Son: 0

Number of students I'll be SO glad to see the last for many reasons, not the least of which are in-class use of hand-held devices and the fear he could go postal: 1

Number of books I'm looking forward to reading on the plane: 2 (can I finish two on the plane?)

What I'll miss most about Christmas in the States: my family, and cookies

What I'm most looking forward to doing in Spain: seeing friends, drinking wine with friends, sharing tapas with friends, everything?


Nik said...

Ack! I forgot you were leaving for Spain. What if I don't see you the whole time I'm home? Well, maybe one or two days overlap I hope.

ErinAlice said...

We are all going to miss you too but we can't be too sad for we know you will be in Spain having a ridiculously fab time!!(practicando su espanol tambien)

Lisa B. said...

Christmas in Spain sounds ultra fabulous. I have to make sure I get you my little Christmas dealio before you leave. Or, I could make it a New Year's dealio. That sounds much, much better.

Anonymous said...

Insanely jealous friends: oodles.

Anonymous said...

And said friends are also counting the days. The kid is going bonkers. We had to sing holly jolly christmas last night as we jumped around.

You forgot the other thing about spain...religion. Count on going to mass at least once a day and a procession or two. Son was caught singing yesterday with a friend. Viva cristo rey, viva cristo rey, viva mi cristo, viva mi rey. Don gave me a freak-out look.

We'll buy cookies (we have no's all stovetop).

We'll drink wine.
and eat