Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pre-Thanksgiving Miscellany

  1. Recent five-year old communiques: Son wrote a note to a school friend, a girl, and Middlebrow didn't look at it before Son put it in her cubby. When I asked him what it said, he claimed he couldn't remember. Then later he said, "It said for and look and body." After that he told me it said, "Look into your body." Middlebrow overheard this and raised his eyebrows. I was given the task of intercepting this risque kindergarten note. Middlebrow told Son, "you have to be careful of what you write." At son's school they do Kid Spell which is OC speak for "stop asking me and figure it out yourself." I asked Son to take the note back so I could look at it. It said (and I quote): Lk for yr life. Lk to yr life. I'm not sure, but I think Son may be the next Dali Lama.
  2. My favorite new song: Richard Thompson doing "Oops I Did It Again." His version of Squeeze's "Tempted" is a close second. (Thanks High Touch Mega Store)
  3. Favorite night before Thanksgiving activity: Baking the pumpkins to make into pie tomorrow. According to my sister, Erin Alice, this is "way too Martha."
  4. Okay, my real favorite night before Thanksgiving activity: drinking wine.
  5. My favorite Thanksgiving activity: Drinking wine. And the obligatory football game in the backyard. This year Dr. Write and Donna take on Middlebrow and Son. It's obvious we will win. Girls kick a**!
  6. My favorite internet activity: watching videos of racist rants on YouTube. And the drunk college professor. That one's good too. And Craig Ferguson. What did we do before YouTube? Oh yeah. Work.
  7. My favorite day before Thanksgiving in-class activity: Giving extra credit to students just for showing up. I should go back to showing "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving."
  8. My favorite night before Thanksgiving meal: Popcorn and toast. (actually, soup. This year, from a can.)
  9. My favorite day after Thanksgiving meal: Mexican.
  10. My favorite day after Thanksgiving activity: buying nothing. I already got (most of) my Christmas shopping done.


Nik said...

OK, we baked our pumpkin from scratch but then the pie, made today, took twice as long as the recipe said it did. Do they press the water from the pumpkins in cans?
Also--drank too much wine on day before day before T-day so taking it easy today. Tomorrow--will be revived!
We're waiting up for Cousin E and boyfriend to make it up from Chicago on the train.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Write said...

Ohh! Fun! A reunion. Nice. Didn't know they were in Chi-Town. Also fun.
Have a good turkey day!!

Lisa B. said...

Baking your own pumpkin is where it's at as far as pumpkin pie goes. Extra water is cool. Shake it off. You do have to get a pie pumpkin, though, not one of those Halloween-ish monstrosities. Perhaps too late for this advice. Happy t-giving to all at the mbrow/dr.write household, and also the Egg/Nik/Z household. Also anyone else who writes after me.

Nik said...

I'm pretty sure I got a pie pumpkin. It was tiny and purchased post Halloween. And I think the sign said "pie pumpkin." I'll let you know how it goes.
Hope you and the Historian and all of your have a good one too.

Dr. Write said...

Yes. I got a pie pumpkin. I've done it before with no problems. I just looked at and she had no advice about extra water, so I'm just going for it. She also says to pre-bake the pie shell, which I'm not going for. I still have bread to make. And sweet potatoes to roast. Guess I'd better get moving. I haven't even made the pie crust yet. Geez! Happy T day to all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, miss you all. Here no Thanksgiving, but Don did make a nice fish stew and when we put the whining Adrian to bed (returned from his friend's house at 9:45pm.....It's Spain), we ate a nice dinner together and drank our excellent wine ($4/ bottle..thank you).
Still, I would like some of those pumpkin pies.

La Sevillana

Heather said...

Most of your Christmas shopping is done? Jesus Christ, woman! You keep up all those tv shows, work, do the wife-mother thing, AND you've bought all your Christmas gifts? It's like the working moms' mensa club over here or something!

lis said...

the trick though, i think, for good pie from fresh pumpkins is letting the puree drain in cheesecloth overnight. makes it much thicker and bakeable.

ErinAlice said...

I figured after peeling 10 lbs of potatoes my kitchen duties were more than complete!! Who did I think was coiming-the Cardinal football team?? But don't you just love left over mashed potatoes?? I bet that pie was great. Gigi made homemade pecan.....oh yummy! Oh and I am going to blog today, I promise...

Counterintuitive said...

I know nothing of making a pumpkin pie but I will add to few of your listed items:

1. five yr olds are tough to keep up with (that note thing is hoot--rather than Howard Stern you got the Dali Lama): Last night my 5-yr old was on his stomach with his head down so I say, "What you doing?" and he replies "praying." We'd just watched Jim Carey's Bruce Almighty where he has to deal with all of "God's" prayers.

2. My favorite day before Thanksgiving activity: cancel class

3. Favorite post Thanksgiving meal: Chinese which is also my favorite pre-xmas meal (Christmas eve to be exact.)