Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Poem for Tuesday

I was trying to find a poem with some hope for this election Tuesday. Here's one I found from the files of Poetry Month.

Not a Love Poem

There is no time for love poems now:
our house fills with dirty socks, small
metal trucks roll underfoot, and all
the dishes are crusted with dried food. How
did we get here? But here we are, together,
what luck, forlorn on this Tuesday night.
In the laundry room, the glaring light
reveals, too soon, that yes, I am her,
the woman you married, no longer sexy,
sorting the blues from the whites, pouring
bleach and soap. Let’s face it: we’re boring.
Instead of romance, we’ll have rest. He
might wake up, our son, no longer small.
But wait, this is a love poem, after all.


Nik said...

Thanks for the hope. And the poem.

ErinAlice said...

Did I hear that a democrat won something in Utah? Is this true????? wow!

Lisa B. said...


ErinAlice said...

Hey I have a joke for you Dr. Write-
Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Rebublican who??

Ha ha....sorry if it's lame-I just made it up and my daughters love knock knock jokes right now.

Nik said...

Pretty fine joke Erin. Pretty good one.