Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why I Loved AWP: a list

  1. Intellectual Stimulation: In my day to day life I often forget that I did love graduate school and why. I was surrounded by people who were reading and thinking, and most importantly, talking about what they were reading and thinking about. I was one of those people. I used to read more and think a lot. In my regular life, I am most preoccupied with what is for dinner, how I am going to get to work out, and feeling guilty about not writing. Being at AWP reminded me of the best parts of graduate school. Talking and thinking. And drinking of course.
  2. Friends: In my day to day life, I see Middlebrow and Son. If I'm lucky, I see one of my colleagues. Maybe once a month I see someone else or do something social. Maybe. AWP is like my whole life packed into one weekend. I got to hang out with Hightouchmegastore, I got to see lots of friends from graduate school, I got to see a friend from Chicago, I got to see friends from my town that I never see in town. Why do I never see my friends in town? Well. I'm glad I got to see all of these people and more at AWP.
  3. Rock Star Writers: I got to see writers who are, in my mind, rock stars. These include: Michael Martone, David Kirby, Walter Moseley, David Shields. (I feel like I should list some women, but I didn't really see any. Who would qualify in this respect? Maybe Brenda Hillman. Anne Carson, definitely.)
  4. Being Not-Me: I got to pretend I was someone other than the boring, normal person I am. I wore red pumps (but only in the hotel where I wouldn't have to walk too much). I hugged a person I'd never met before (okay, I might have been a little drunk). I accidently networked. I pretended I was a mover and a shaker. I was, for a few brief days, a mover and a shaker.
  5. Free Drinks (self-explanatory)
  6. Readings: mostly good.
  7. Accidental encounters with beloved people: mostly Peter Covino. But also Terrible Mother. And David Hamilton. And friends from grad school. And Janet Holmes and Alvin Greenburg.
  8. Seeing nice publishers who remember my essay (Ninth Letter).
  9. Seeing Ralph Berry from FC2, and maybe reminding him of how great I am (accidently).
  10. The Book Fair: By the last day, I can't stand it, but in general it's where you run into the people you want to see but can't find and where you find all kinds of things you can't live without and must buy. High Touch was better on this score, buying all kinds of small press cool things. I tried to restrain myself and bought only 4 books. I consider it a small victory.


Lisa B. said...

regarding your label "Not-Me"--but this _is_ you. It's how I think of you. Let me also attest, on what I take to be an important point in your post, that you looked smashing in the red slingbacks. Excellent shoes, looking excellent on you.

Rex Parker said...

Re: rock stars. Anne Carson rules my world. Autobiography of Red changed my life (and more than a few of my students' lives) - no foolin'. I taught it hot on the heels of Dante's Inferno. They make a great pair.


Anonymous said...

I am awaiting word from my applicaitons to CW school. I am accepted at Miss. State. I was wondering if you would give some advice on the program at MSU. And would you be willing to read some of my work and let me know what you think?

Scorpion's Tail said...

Anne Carson. Yes. Fantastic. In fact, need to read that again...

and I'm with lisa b. you're one of the smartest people I know (and I know lots) and a great writer to boot...and why don't we see a pic of the shoes on the blog???? I wanna see shoes...