Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cupcake Convergence

In a weird convergence of space, time, and hunger, cupcakes have over taken a larger than expected portion of my brain.
See, when I was on the dreaded elimination diet, I went to see my mom for Spring Break. While there, we had a dinner with her friend, who brought over a crazy assortment of cupcakes I couldn't eat. There were Oreo cupcakes, German Chocolate cupcakes, Ding-Dong cupcakes, cherry filled cupcakes, carrot cupcakes, etc. Anyway, the whole experience left me with an insatiable desire for cupcakes.
Yesterday, when Assertively Unhip was over we began to discuss cupcakes, and she informed of where in town I could get the best cupcake ever.
Today, I went there with Son. We got one of each kind they had, to wit:
  1. New York: Valrhona Chocolate (cupcake and icing)
  2. Madagascar: Vanilla cupcake with vanilla cream cheese icing, dipped in white chocolate sprinkles
  3. Paris: Chocolate cupcake with raspberry butter cream frosting
  4. Vienna: Chocolate cupcake with apricot butter cream frosting

Also, I had the best decaf americano I've had in years. Years! I ate the Madagascar (a mini) while I was waiting for my coffee. Middlebrow had a New York when I returned home and he confirmed AU's assessment of "best cupcake." I'm saving my New York for tomorrow. We have to pace ourselves people.

To confirm the cupcake convergence, two pieces of evidence: this blog post by Suzi Q. And I remembered the video "Lazy Sunday" which shows the Magnolia Bakery, also shown in Suzi's photo. So I'm not the only one who is cupcake crazy!!


Limon de Campo said...

I just bought cupcakes this week--the first cupcakes I've had in about 20 years. It must be in the air...

Counterintuitive said...

I don't even like cupcakes and I'm hankering for a Madagascar. So where is this place?

Lisa B. said...

I see that, after recommending Les Madeleines in a comment on mb's blog, you've already gone. In yet another convergence (if I may converge), I had a Margarita cupcake by the same bakery tonight at the Dewey lecture. That place is both evil and sublime. Evil. And sublime.

Counterintuitive: how is it possible to not like cupcakes? I am flummoxed at this proposition.

lis said...

Well, I'm glad there was in fact cupcake eating. CI, the bakery is on State and 6th South-ish. Go. Go now!

I just have to say one think about Magnolia Bakery and their cupcakes. Blech. Last year, when I visited my brother, we went to get cupcakes from Magnolia. The line, however, wrapped around the block and it was cold. We decided it wasn't worth waiting and I subsequently craved cupcakes for about a week. This year, Will and I went back on a weekday--no line--and got the famous cupcakes. They are so, so overrated. If I would have waited in that long line for those cupcakes, I would have been cranky. Les Madeleines cupcakes are way better--the best.