Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day Four

Word count: 1,871
Must now go swim. Need exercise. Feel crazy.
I think everything I am writing/have written this week is pure crap. But I'm doing it. I hope that as I go along, the writing gets better.
At least it's not pure gibberish. I think.


Lisa B. said...

it's 10:30 and you've already written your words? And now you're swimming? my head hurts. But good for you. Really.

Condiment said...

Keep goin!

ErinAlice said...

I think it is best to start the summer with a burst of steam then you can slow down if you want. Increasing the amount of work you do is, in my opinion, much harder in the middle to summer so keep up the good work. Looking forward to getting magazine with your article and telling everyone I know, this is my sister. We used to share a room. And pretend to be the Sweeney Sisters. (Clang Clang Clang goes the trolley)I don't mind living vicariously through you.

Dr. Write said...

If it makes you feel better, I didn't swim. I didn't have time. But I am going out to let the dog take me for a pull, in lieu of real exercise. See you in a few!

Nik said...

This is nutto! Almost 2000 words a day. Keep going.