Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to What?

I know. We can't fight it. It's coming. At least it's not a Monday. We have that to be thankful for. I have finished my syllabi, I have found two new articles, I have selected a movie. I have received the obligatory before school emails from pre-panicked students, and one from the distant past who wants to come discuss his grade. What? They never cease to amaze me, those wily students.
I still have not made pie this summer, but I may do that tomorrow. I still have to find a recipe.
Oh, back to school. It sends me into a "what did I accomplish this summer?" panic. I didn't finish my novel, but on the plus side, MB and I took Gus on a hike yesterday. We went on a picnic with Son this week. I'm (pretty much) back on the running/swimming schedule. I picked up my dry cleaning. What more can I expect?


Lisa B. said...

Also, you bought new shoes, you took excellent trips, you accomplished plenty of soul-searching. Etc. Summer is never, ever long enough. Like, it should always be a week to ten days longer. From whenever you start counting. On the plus side, I'm hoping that school starting will mean that I get to see you and mb more frequently. I miss you guys.

ErinAlice said...

Yes well I do start on Monday. That just isn't right!!! I hope you get a chance to make a pie. Maybe you could make one and bring it into class...Pie as a metaphor. Okay well anyway best of luck to you.

Suzi Q said...

Like you with your students, I have clients who come back long after their wedding to discuss their contract, i.e. could they pay less and have more stuff? I'll gladly quote you:

Imperfection is my m.o. Andy G is the best! (this might be for one of yer other more recent posts)