Monday, August 06, 2007

School Dread

I'm back from the jungles of Idaho where we braved storms and too many margaritas to enjoy family time and reminiscing with high school buddies, former teachers, parents' colleagues, and family friends and neighbors.
  1. Sitting in hot pool that belonged to hotel nestled in evergreens, as it got dark.
  2. Spending lots of time with parents and siblings.
  3. Hiking with siblings in Lava Hot Springs.
  4. Making the incredibly delicious pomegranate mojitos (not as sweet as you'd fear!).
  5. Walking Gus in Lava and meeting the locals.
  6. Talking to hip teenage niece about friends from Austin, myspace and emo-screamo.
  7. Shopping with sister for shorts and buying two shirts and new dress instead.
  8. Buying shorts at Ace Hardware.
  9. Swimming laps at Ross Park Pool with my new polarized goggles.
  10. Eating at Pocatello taco truck two times.
  11. Running into high school friend and jewelry making wife at Pocatello farmer's market.
  12. Hiking with grad school friend and dog on Boundary Trail.
  13. Riding my bike in Island Park and Inkom.
  14. Meeting sister's friend from State College. Mostly when he said things like "Yep, she's your sister" and "Don't you think 'Mike's Hard Berry' sounds dirty?"
  15. Talking to cool sociologist who studies vampire culture and prison gambling.
  16. Finally reading A Fan's Notes. What took me so long?
  17. Eating lots of eggs and bacon for breakfast.
  18. Eating lots.
  19. Drinking lots.
  20. Finally coming home and getting back to running. And sleeping in my own bed.
But, because I'm crazy!, I leave for Cincinnati on Wednesday to do research for what heretofore shall be referred to as the DFL. I'll spend two days at the Arts Center, also eating at whatever cool restaurants I can find, maybe having a martini, if I feel brave.
I hope I see many of you soon. Wish me luck.


Lisa B. said...

Good luck, but wait--Cincinnati? So soon? And here I have been, waiting for you to get back. It sounds like a wonderful trip, I must say--the Idaho part, I mean.

ErinAlice said...

Here here!! I am glad to be home and glad I am not going to Cincinnati. (That is hard to spell). Well have fun there doing "research"...