Saturday, July 28, 2007

Notes from Idaho

First, I think that could be a Hemingway title. Okay. Here's some things I've been thinking of.

Things not to talk about at wedding of high school friend:
  1. God: How did this happen? To my credit, I did not bring it up. A friend from high school's husband began talking about how he wanted to take his kids to church. For some reason, I couldn't quite believe it. Maybe because he never struck me as the type. And, maybe it's just me, but I think when your oldest is 15, it may be too late to try to force them to go to church.
  2. Pedagogy: I'm not sure how this came up, but I managed to throw it in. My friend, who also has a PhD, said something like "don't get all fancy on us" affecting an Idaho-hick mentality that he surely does not own. Oh sure, everyone else can talk about something where I'm excluded (fishing? world cup soccer? sword fighting?) but when I say a long word I'm accused of being elitist. The world isn't fair.
  3. Friend's high school romance life: Who knew that relationships one had twenty years ago (and I use the term "relationship" loosely) should not be mentioned because husband's can get jealous? (I do have to mention, however, that friend threw herself down on the grass to imitate herself some twenty-plus years ago during an REO Speedwagon concert, bawling on the floor because of some guy who, even when mentioned by name, I couldn't remember). This was not the friend who was getting married, but a different friend.
  4. Various drunken outings in Salt Lake City: I was telling friends about how bad I was two years ago, so bad that MB still mentions it as my "bad night." It was hilarious, only because they seemed so horrified about my behavior, behavior that, I might add, I no longer feel bad about. (which should be its own post, so rarely does it occur)

In general, my friend's wedding was lovely. Her parents were excellent hosts, the food was great, and I love me a backyard wedding. Another friend said, after the wedding, "well, that was a cute little wedding" and then proceeded to tell me how her own marriage was flailing (this was the friend whose husband gets jealous about high school boyfriends). I, however, felt that the wedding was perfect. I decided I love it when older people get married (and by older I mean my age or older). I love it because the couple is not naive, not starry eyed and are generally so grateful to have found each other. With this in mind, I have to say that my own favorite married couple are HighTouch and The Historian. I have never heard either say even something simply "nice" about the other. They always gush about how wonderful/amazing/superb/incredible the other is. I aspire to be like them. I, too often, say negative things about MB who, I might add, doesn't really even miss me. (sniff, sniff)

So for anything negative I've ever said about MB, I take it back. He's a prince of man, a genius, obviously, and if he can put up with me (the worst kind, high maintenance but I think I'm low maintenance), then he deserves an award. Or at least a week or so of pure batch.


Nik said...

You might be able to regain your Idahoan citizenship you've been there so long. It's fun to think of SLC as the big city. I'm sure MB suffers--just maintaining a low-grade longing. I guess I'll be there before you get back! But I'll see you as soon as you come back from them there hills.

Lisa B. said...

It's good when a wedding renews your faith in your own marriage. There was a time in my life when weddings just made me cranky (this may be a new life-theme--I'm not too happy about that, actually--). As for the historian, you said it--I am just so grateful we found each other. Thanks for the kind words--very touching, seriously.

susansinclair said...

So, so true about high-maintenance-masquerading-as-low-maintenance... I really wish I *weren't*. But I've got a fragile ego, so those high maintenance demands show up at the most annoying moments...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

A couple of days ago I found your review on line and I meant to send you a thank you, but Phil was sick, and I didn't get around to it, and before any more time lapses, I want to say thank you.

You made me feel so good at AWP. Utah was very, very hard on me, and your generosity at AWP about the book, made me feel like there was another small part of that experience redeemed.

Thank you.

Steve Fellner

theorris said...

"Notes from Idaho" might be more a Twain title than Hemmingway. Hemmingway would be something like "A Big, Two-hearted Wedding."

Counterintuitive said...

One of my favorite couples too. I remember The Historian retelling a not too distant time when he and Mega were involved in the teacher's union, trying to kick some ass: "You know Lisa, she throws herself into a project holding nothing back. She cares deeply." There was no hint of judgement, no attempt to spin it in order to vault his own involvement, just plain old respect and love.

ErinAlice said...

I too find that weddings take me back. Ah those carefree days before kids and dogs and making chicken for the 500th time!! But seriously, it is good when people find people.. wow how deep was that??? Oh and I don't mind you using the word pedagogy. I hear it about 10 times a day so I was trying to fast from it for awhile...hard to do in the Education Department.