Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Home, Briefly, Before Returning to Idaho

First things first: PIE!I ate this delicious little rhubarb-berry concoction at the Almo Outpost in Almo, Idaho. First we had burgers, which were good, and then I ate this. It was yummy.
This is Son wearing goggles on the shores of Lake Alturas. He did get in the water, for the record, but he did not need the goggles.
My favorite recent pic of Son. Note the ice blue eyes. This was after he got in the water. The only reason he got in the water was that MB was out there holding a bag of M-n-M's. They were the disgusting white chocolate variety which no one else wanted, but MB was able to lure Son in to the water with the promise of the whole bag for himself, which he quickly consumed. MB accidentally bought them thinking they were the Almond kind. He still hasn't learned to read a label, but maybe someday he will.

We had a great time in Idaho, visiting with friends. My friend, who is married to the climbing ranger at City of Rocks, is a friend from junior high. She got out her yearbooks and reminded me of a prank we pulled on two (nerdy) girls who lockered next to us. We wrote them love notes from a supposed boy who liked them. (mean!) I had blocked this out of course. I remember all wrongs done to me, but have suppressed all the cruel things I did. I guess it's how we move on. But I also read what I had written in her yearbook, something like "we'll be friends long after all this is over" or something, which turns out to be true. Of all my childhood friends, I think she is one I have the most in common with now. She and hubby bought some land in Almo and they are going to build a straw bale house, which I've always wanted to do. I hope she calls me so I can come out and help!

Hailey was awesome. None of the icky grossness of Ketchum and Sun Valley, with all of the beautiful scenery and amazing food. We ate our weight in grilled meat (hamburgers from a ranch that Mark recently acquired as part of his job at the Nature Conservancy. Grass fed!), lamb chops (from local ranch, Lava Lake), and grilled veggies (heirloom potatoes that were sublime!). We also ate a ton of salsa from a local place, and went out for Thai food. Oh, and we drank real beer. I bought a pie at the farmer's market, which was great, but sorry, no photos. It was a mixed berry pie. We also ate wraps from a Ketchum place, Wrap City, which renewed my interest in the wrap as a food category.
The highlight was Lake Alturas, which we will definitely return to in the near future, hopefully to stay for a few days and camp and hang out at the lake to work on our tans and read fiction that's trashy, but only so trashy. It's not the ocean, after all.

Friday ErinAlice flies in with family in tow to begin the two week family festivities. We will go to Inkom, then to Island Park with side trips to Yellowstone. Then back to Inkom, where we will be joined by Sister 2, then Sister 1. We have a night of margaritas, guacamole and whatever else planned. Then to Lava for a few days before the big birthday bash for Sister 2. Then a big retirement party for Dad. Then we return to life as we know it, which is basically a long, screeching downhill slide into SCHOOL. (but I'm going to block that out for now)


Lisa B. said...

Wow, such travels and such eating! It sounds like a lot of fun. I am especially interested in this clause in your post: "which renewed my interest in the wrap as a food category." Almost as good as that sentence from "The Manner in Which the Pig Was Obtained," "the mother made a sound which is difficult to render," a sentence I contemplate nearly daily in its sublimity.

ErinAlice said...

Well I am sure that those girls probably deserved it--but as a mom doesn't it make it make you just squirm?? We are SO excited to see you and son. Oh and I think label reading is something that needs to be learned or is something that is hard to do with too much testosterone...or something. Okay looking forward to seeing you all in a few days. I can't believe it is already time.

ErinAlice said...

sorry about the confusing post---I have had a few too many margaritas!!!

Condiment said...

Ah, rhubarb! That dark horse of pie fillings!

Nik said...

That's a lot of Idaho. I'm pretty jealous of the pines and the cold mountain lakes and the friends to visit. But soon, we will visit you and the mountains and my jealousies will be momentarily alleviated.
I think strawberry/rhubarb is my favorite pie.

Anonymous said...

You are starting without me!! We too will be doing Yellowstone, but at the other end. And, who decided all of a sudden that we are back to using the "B" word??? It is still the event that shall not be named, and the B word is taboo!! (as are stretch pants, but that's a whole different conversation!) As for the pie, strawberry/rhubarb is way up there, let's do that while we're there!! LK (or sister 2)