Sunday, July 08, 2007


We're off for some slightly cooler weather in Idaho. We'll be visiting a friend who lives at City of Rocks, then off to the Hailey/SunValley/Ketchum area for a few days to see some grad school friends. We hope to do a lot of hiking, and maybe some activities involving water. I also hope to have a good, old fashioned breakfast involving biscuits, and maybe eat some pie. You know how I love pie.
We'll check in next week. Stay cool!


Lisa B. said...

hope you have a great time--while we were up there last week, it was h.o.t., but it was starting to cool off a bit. Biscuits and pie--do they constitute a food group? add biscuits to fruit and you have cobbler, you know.

lis said...

we're going to idaho too! c d'a then seattle (so not entirely idaho) and then back to c d'a. hoping for good food (in seattle of course) then camping, kayaking, climbing.

Anonymous said...

Go GO Idaho!!! Can't wait to see you there. I don't really care about the cool weather, although that would be nice. I am thinking about margaritas!!!



Anonymous said...

we are so excited!! i can't wait to see everyone, and have all the margaritas! i will actually appreciate some dry heat, and lots of sunshine, sorry. and of course pie! LK

Nik said...

Hurry to post! I've resisted all week making "You da ho" comments and my will is (has already) failing.