Sunday, July 01, 2007

What I'm Doing Or Gus's Epic Journey

Just to get it out of the way: I'm not writing. The word whore has not been whoring. She has been shoe shopping and music swapping (thanks High Touch!), and she has been making rhubarb crisp, and she has been running with the dog.
To wit: This morning I made plans to trail run with a friend to Dog Lake. How can you go to Dog Lake and not take the dog? You can't. So I loaded up the dog in the small car and off we went.
Once on the trail, we encountered some other trail runners. We ended up running in front of and behind them most of the way to Dog Lake. Just before Dog Lake I called Gus back to me, gave him a treat and held his collar so he wouldn't get too far away. When we got to Dog Lake, he jumped in like a good dog and ran around a bit. Then the runners passed by the lake and I saw him chase after them. I walked in that general direction and after a few minutes I began to call him. No luck.
I ended up going about another mile in the direction of the runners calling Gus and whistling. I encountered some hikers who had come from Big Cottonwood and they had seen Gus "leading the pack" of runners. Eventually I realized I couldn't catch up with the runners and turned around. My friend and I agreed to go back down to the parking lot and wait for the runners. She thought maybe they were running a loop which would be 10-12 miles.
We waited in the parking lot for about ten minutes when a mountain biker came dashing down the trail. She rode directly up to us and asked "Did you lose a dog?" She had taken the dog from a group of hikers who had taken him from the runners who, it turns out, were not doing a loop but were running over to the next canyon, probably at least a 15 mile run. Her friend had Gus on a leash and was riding him down to the next parking lot. After I got in the car, I let myself cry a little, but just a little.
We met up with Gus at the parking lot. We had probably been separated for about 2 hours. He was glad to see us and seemed to just want to get into the car, though I made him drink some water first.
He's been sacked out on the dog bed since we got home. I think he'll be tired for at least two days.
So today my plan is to eat chips, drink water and iced tea, maybe some wine later, grill some salmon and not leave the house. It's too damn hot out! And I'm still a bit shaky from the adrenaline of running around looking for Gus and not finding him.
But then I did find him, so it's a happy ending. Thanks to lots of nice people who like dogs. The biking woman even said if she hadn't found us, she would have taken him. So the world is full of good people who love dogs.
Let's hear it for nice people who just want to reunite dogs and their owners.
In other news: I made the Lone Star iced tea and it's delicious.


Lisa B. said...

I too made the Lone Star iced tea, and I think I've pretty much got it. It is perfection.

So, so scary to lose the dog! Bruiser used to be a bolter, and it scared the bejesus out of me on a regular basis. Now he's very responsive, but it took awhile. Poor you. Glad you found him, and yes, let's hear it for the good people who care about dogs. They are excellent.

I agree with you about not going out, by the way--college daughter was nervous about something the chevy was doing last night, so we told her to stay put, sleep over with her friend, and we'd come check it out in the morning. It was so! hot! at 10 a.m., it made me grouchy.

Nik said...

That is scary! Thank god you found him. What a runner. I love working the dog so hard that she sleeps for 2 days! It sounds like good days to sleep. For the first time in a year, I'm happy I'm not in SLC! Too hot for me. (Don't worry. I'll be regretting I said that on Wednesday when it returns to 90 degrees, 90 humidities).
Kiss this Gus for me even though I haven't met him. 30 days until I do!

theorris said...

What an adventure for the Guster. It is interesting how he was passed between people: kind of like a French film. (There seem to have been several that take on that motif.)

ErinAlice said...

Hope Gus has recovered. It is supposed to get up to 119 this week. 119??? Really?? I think I saw the devil walking around but I can't be sure-I didn't see his face!!