Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's All About Food

It's all about food, and it's not just about the grill, though it is about that too.
Today, because it was supposed to be 100, I took Son to see a movie, "Ratatouille." We recently saw "Happy Feet" which I liked, but I have to say I was a little annoyed about the constant pop culture references, disco/Prince songs sung by penguins. It was cute, but maybe a little too cute.
But I loved "Ratatouille." It may be my favorite kid movie. It had all the trappings of cute kid movies, with extra jokes for the parents, but it seemed just a little smarter,and just a little, I don't know, better. Of course it had a bad guy, and a father, and a happy ending. But it was actually good.
And as far as the grill is concerned. I'll let pictures speak a thousand words.

MB: The Grill Master

The First Grilled Meal: Tuna!
Tonight's Meal: Chicken Kabobs and grilled corn

As MB said, the grill opens up a whole new food group that we used to be excluded from: grilled foods. As in, grilled corn, kabobs, grilled mushrooms which are the best things ever, and grilled vegetables, also the best things ever.


Lisa B. said...

I personally feel that grilled corn is amazing. Mushrooms are good in all iterations. Lucky!

ErinAlice said...

Yes I agree grilled anything pretty much rocks!! I too loved Ratatouille. I was talking to someone who said she hated it. Really??? Unbelievable. Well she cuts my hair so I did not say anything. Must not ever make you hair stylist mad!!! Glad to see you are enjoying such fab food and I see you had a margarita. Nice!!! Looking forward to more of that in Poky!!!