Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thinking About This

In response to ideas raised by Sleepy E and Signifying Nothing, I am now pondering how the cool, hip guy (Ira Glass?) becomes The Man, or the dominant paradigm that others work against/ respond to. In reference to Sleepy E, it's when the Hero rises to such power that he becomes the Villain.
Except, I don't want to hate him. I admire him for what he's done, but now I want something new. This also refers to McSweeney's et al: the cool hip publication/radio show publishes up and coming unknown who then become famous. Then the hip cool publication/radio show continues to publish only those now famous people, and we, the listeners/readers get sick of listening to the same five people over and over.
So what do we do? Do we start our own hip publication/radio show?

Also, Paula Poundstone is coming in October. Anyone? Anyone?


susansinclair said...

I'll be there! I LOVE Paula!!

theorris said...

I saw the Poundstone gig. Is she worth the 25 bucks? Probably. (I sound like a philistine.)

In any case, TAL has become stuck, I think. It would be nice to hear some stuff from some different folks. I didn't see their TV show, so maybe they brought in new folks with the new media.

theorris said...

Oh and as for the publication or radio show, we could just put together a podcast. I have all the proper equipment.

I will not stand, however, for catchy musical interludes during an "act." That's overdone, and according to the Millennium Digital Copyright Act, quite expensive.

middlebrow said...

I'm with theorris. We should just start doing our own podcasts.

Come one everybody! Let's start a show!

I get to do podcasts on Salt Lake County Rec basketball. Go Pub Team!

And theorris. Can't I have "Eye of the Tiger" just once for one of my basketball podcasts? Please?

ErinAlice said...

I love Paula on Wait Wait Don't tell me...I download that onto my ipod. I don't really know anything else you were talking about except that if you did have a radio talkshow, I would want to be on it. You could call the segment Nepotism Hour. Oh and how are the bazoombas coming??

theorris said...

I think the DMC specifically excludes any Survivor song from copyright protection, MidB.

Counterintuitive said...

I just purchased Paula Poundstone tickets yesterday--very excited