Monday, May 05, 2008

...and Done!

I submitted my grades this morning. Let the flurry of student emails reading "D??" begin. Sigh.
And so begin my ambitious summer plans. So far I've dusted under the bed and the dressers and mopped one-fourth of the bedroom. I wiped down the door and door frame. I subtracted all the transactions from our checking account. I'm listening to the new KRCL. I'm trying to get rid of T-shirts I haven't worn in the last year. Why does that seem so hard? I'm also looking for new storage options for my shoes. It's probably time to mop another part of the bedroom (trying to clean the floor without moving the bed into the hallway, which would involve taking it apart. Just not worth it). I may dust the dresser, but then I have to go swim in order to recover from my weekend which involved standing in one place for 5-ish hours and running 10 miles (half up hill!). And my arm hurts.
Watched "Juno" finally. Loved it!


susansinclair said...

I'm very good at the brutal sorting of clothes--just send me pix of you wearing anything you have second thoughts about! ;) (And Juno rocked--Ellen Page is wonderful...)

Lisa B. said...

I too have been engaged in the sorting! will post about it later, no doubt. I am giving a shocking amount of clothes away. On the other hand, I can put all my clothes in their proper places without fearing that the closet will collapse. Woo hoo!

Still grading, though.

ErinAlice said...

Ugh. I am working on a paper that I am already sick of. Ever happen to you?? I have to post grades and my car is in the shop!! I am far from done but glad you are. I think in a few more days I will feel better. Maybe. I too have to dust, mop, sort, clean out etc. but I don't want to think about it. Instead I like to think of me, by the pool, with no responsibilities or worries. Ah now that's a vacation!!!

lis said...

I scrubbed my kitchen sink, washed rugs, and started dusting my bedroom. Floors tomorrow--very excited about that. I felt like an old housewife today with my spring cleaning.

Limon de Campo said...

Deer Dr. Write,

I do not understand why you gave me a "D". I attended the first class and the last. Also I was there on April. I am a very good writter and I know grammar. I would be extremly happy if you changed my "D" to a "A." If you do not I have to admit that u aren't a very well teacher.


Sucky Student