Thursday, May 08, 2008

What I've Been Doing: Week 1

Though this week doesn't really count as Week 1 of vacation (I didn't turn in my grades until Monday), it is the beginning of vacation. So what have I been doing?
  1. Cleaning the bedroom (mopping floor, dusting, cleaning the door, more dusting)
  2. Purging (old running shoes, clothes not worn in decades, Son's too small clothes)
  3. Cleaning downstairs (so far I've only recycled a lot of paper and shredded some stuff, but the desk is visible, if not quite usable)
  4. Watching stuff ("Shut Up & Sing," "Monk" on Hulu, "I'm Your Man" while I cleaned downstairs)
  5. Eating French Fries (made in the oven, with yummy aioli, so good)
  6. Going out to lunch (I've only done this once, but I think I'll do it again!)
  7. Thinking about writing (I like to have a fresh start and a clean desk)
  8. Making lists in my head (called "things to do" & "things not to forget")
  9. Worrying (self-explanatory?)
  10. Drinking (wine, beer, Izze sodas, iced tea, lemonade)
  11. Laundry
  12. Reading (two books finished today! Onward & upward!)
  13. Getting organized (at least in my mind)
  14. Having my blood drawn (this is in my top two things I hate the most & I can't remember the other one. Plus I have a big bruise now)
  15. Oh, I have been running. And I swam once. And my knee hurts. So there's that)
I hope y'all have been as wildly unproductive in the first days of summer vacation as I have. I'm looking forward to it being hot enough that the pool opens.


Limon de Campo said...

That sounds very, very nice. I'm very bitter about teaching right now. Have you been able to figure that out?? I am going to live through you.

Lisa B. said...

What a lovely lovely week. It's amazing how not doing your regular work makes things like vacuuming up dust bunnies from under your bed (hello! today's work!) seem kind of like bliss.

Renaissance Girl said...

jealous. very jealous.

ErinAlice said...

I think it is funny that we go right from one list of to-do's to another. I have my own to-do list that I need to get started on now that my school to-do list is done. I haven't had a week yet though, that starts on Monday but I can't wait. Enjoy vacation!!!

Dr. Write said...

Yeah, I guess a real vacation would have no to do list. Or a to do list that had only 1. Get up 2. Drink coffee 3. Put on swimsuit 4. Swim and read trashy fiction 5. Drink fruity drinks 6. Watch movie 7. Sleep 8. Repeat

Anonymous said...

Pools are already open in here in Vegas so come on down! I'll provide the margaritas!

ErinAlice said...

Yes that is a much better to do list. I like it. Maybe you could fit a crossword puzzle in there too. But that is the ONLY thinking allowed!