Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What I've Been Doing (Not that You Wanted to Know...)

  • Reading about Writing (This Year You Write Your Novel by Walter Mosley)
  • Reading Other Things (textbooks, Pale Fire, blogs)
  • Writing (or trying to write or at least sitting downstairs at my desk)
  • Riding the Train (and reading on the train)
  • Seeing Movie ("Made of Honor" yes, I actually saw it & I liked it!)
  • Eating (fish tacos that I made, salad, banana muffins)
  • Sneezing (while running, sleeping, and so on)
  • Not sleeping (is it the allergy medicine?)
  • Reading to Son (still on Harry Potter 5, which, magically, seems to be endless)
  • Cleaning (who really wants to mop the kitchen floor? But it needs to be done!)
  • Doing Laundry (this really is endless!!)
  • Exercising (well, I didn't do this Sunday or Monday. But today. Today!)
  • Downloading & Listening to Madonna's new album "Hard Candy" (some ridiculousness, such as "my sugar is raw" !? but I laugh every time I hear JT say "Ma-Donna")
  • Going to the Pool (I took Son to the pool yesterday. The indoor pool. But still.)
  • Thinking about packing for Austin
  • Signing up for things on-line
  • Wondering when my new swimsuit will arrive by mail
  • Fretting
  • Oh yeah! Being happy about not winning a book contest, but being one of 5 finalists (that's a first for me, being a finalist. The not winning part I've been doing for awhile)
  • Dining with friends (that's tonight)
  • Going to Austin (on Thursday, so I'm out for at least a week, but if I have wireless at my hotel, I'll blog!)


Limon de Campo said...

Congrats on being a finalist--that's pretty cool. I plan on buying all of your books when they are published.

Nik said...

Congrats again on being 1 of 5! It means it's just a matter of time.

Lisa B. said...

Finalist = awesome! Hurray for you!

And, actually, I *did* want to know.

aclarke said...

Can't wait until your famous--then I can make money off the Buffy/AJ stories!

ErinAlice said...

sounds like you have been very busy. Keep up the eating and exercising and pool visiting. Those are my favorite. Forget the floor. It's not going anywhere. Instead, write about mopping the floor (?)

Renaissance Girl said...

finalist: outstanding! congratulations!