Sunday, June 15, 2008

Recent Obsessions

  1. Robyn: Swedish pop star. Why? Unknown. I heard about her on Fresh Air, and then I downloaded her music for running. My favorite is "Be Mine!" She swears a lot. As in "I should have seen it comin'/ I should have F*@%in' known." But somehow it's more powerful when I'm sitting on the couch, drinking white wine, surfing the net while Son plays with the neighbors.
  2. Bald Men: Is it just me getting older or are bald men getting sexier? Or is that sexy men are getting balder? Witness one Michael Chiklis, who has been sexy for awhile. Bruce Willis is sexy when bald. But isn't he just sexy? (Don't think about his politics! which may be suspect!) I know there are others, but mind has just gone blank. I'll get back to you on this one.
  3. Wasatch Back Relay: Why the fuck am I doing this? Okay, I know why. Because one agrees to be part of a team, and then one has to. I haven't been training enough and I've been drinking too much wine and eating too much, but what the hell. I'll finish. I know I will, because I have to, and, if nothing else, I have a strong sense of obligation. And also, I have learned in the years I have been me, I'm mentally strong even if I am weak of the flesh.
  4. My unwritten novel: I think I'll write a book called The Novel I'm Not Writing. Then at least I'd be writing. But Sleepy E is in town, and he of the hypographia gave me a bit of a pep talk (spurred on by Middlebrow). I also got some inspiration from Walter Mosley's book This Year You Write Your Novel. In general, I just need someone to tell me, with infuriating regularity, You can do it. Just do it, you stupid fuckhead. But maybe in a nicer way.
  5. Chris Noth: this picture. Enough said.
  6. Plot: I like mysteries. I want to write a lyrical novel. Who the fuck am I? And why am I swearing so much?
  7. Other people's sex lives: Do other people have more sex than me? Probably. Do they also have house cleaners and no children or at least nannies and are they having sex with the nanny? Maybe. Are they less neurotic about their non-wage earning "work"? Definitely. Let the dust bunnies reproduce. I'm in the basement "writing."
  8. Writing: is the same as number 4? Yes. See number 7 under neurotic.
  9. Not deserving all the wonderful great fantastic awesome gifts of the universe: do I need to go to therapy again? I haven't got time! See number 7.
  10. Summer: hiking. going to the pool. not writing. Whatever. It's summer!


Lisa B. said...

All very interesting. Summer is a good time for obsessions of all kinds because there's much more time to let them blossom and flower, like corn smut.

You do deserve the awesome gifts of the universe! No therapy, be happy (see, that made it all better, right?)!

susansinclair said...

Re #9: there's a great song by one of those ubiquitous lesbian singer-songwriters, Susan Herrick, and I used to play it for myself when I was feeling undeserving (note to self: you no longer own this cd, due to Great Breakup of 2006--go online at once and purchase song!). It goes: "You deserve the blue skies / you deserve the rainbows / you deserve the paradise / that you dare to ask for / you deserve to always know / everybody loves you so / and if you ever forget, you just ask..."

ErinAlice said...

Great list. Don't you remember Robyn from years ago? She had a dance hit and then kinda went off the radar. I have a tape of hers. Yes, a tape. I haven't heard her new stuff but I hear it's good. Will listen when I am in my itunes geek out mode.

Dr. Write said...

I found her old song, it was "Show Me Some Love." You can watch it on You Tube. You can also watch her other stuff. So do it!!

Nik said...

I can't believe you're running that race! Erik's sister's running it too. Good luck! It sounds like fun in a kind of 4th circle of hell kind of way.

ErinAlice said...

Oh and I thought of some more sexy bald men. What about Patrick Stewart from Star Trek?? Is Sean Connery bald yet??? Anyway I am with you-I think it is more acceptable to be bald now too. Which is good news for those of us heading towards 40's and 50's.