Sunday, May 10, 2009


Greetings from London. At the insistence of Otterbutt and Hightouch, I am blogging.
The trip was uneventful, except for the sporadic sleeping. Yesterday, we walked all over Kensington, found the park ("you know how I love the park!"), found where T.S. Eliot lived and died (accidentally), went to TK Maxx (that's right, not TJ, but TK), found Whole Foods and another store with delicious prepackaged food stuffs. Paid WAY too much for a coffee. Had Indian Food (delicious!).
I have been in London less than 24 hours. Have not yet had a pint, but will today, so don't worry. We're going to do a walk along the Thames to orient ourselves and, if I have my way, a trip to the Tate Modern, which might not be chronological, but will, nonetheless, be lovely.
Cheerio, chaps! I'm off to have my free breakfast or a protein bar.


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Lisa B. said...

OH MY GOD I am so happy for this update and hopefully future updates. I love the Tate in all its incarnations. Have a wonderful day!

Nik said...

See. I knew you could blog from afar! I will live/prepare for Europe vicariously through you.