Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is a pint of Thatcher's Heritage, a cider. I drank this at Earth & Stars in Brighton.

This is a pint of Deuchar's IPA. I drank this at Albert's near Victoria Station after Evensong at Westminster Abbey. We saw a man in a pinstripe suit with medals on his chest.
After this pint, I had a Greene King IPA.
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ErinAlice said...

I love any entry that is titled Pints. Drinking your way through London, sweet!!

Nik said...

So how are you liking the pints? Aren't they too filling? Don't you miss the wine?

Aligates said...

Husband says, "Well! Really rubbing our noses in it!" I think he wants a Greene King IPA for himself. Keep reporting, I think you're going to have a great career as a fizzy beverage photographer. Show us a Pimms!

Condiment said...

I've got to stop fasting and start drinking more. Maybe I will take up smoking while I'm at it. Screw all of these "what makes us happy" arguments that clean living is the way to go.