Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You know how blogger uploads photos...so here they are, randomly.
This is my "outstanding value" which is a towel I got at Marks and Spencer so that I could shower. Yes, no towels at the hostel. Oh well. Now I have a bath towel and a hand towel and all is right in the universe.

This is the buffalo representing "America" in the Prince Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. You may not be able to see it, but the buffalo is being ridden by a "native American." According to this memorial there are 4 continents. All of them have fascinating animals.

First pub drinks in London (I had a Samuel Smith Old something Bitter). The other girls had cider, which was dry and delicious.

Parliment (blurry...). We saw a protest by Sri Lankans (?) about the recent deaths. It stopped traffic and there were many many police there. An educational experience to be sure.


Lisa B. said...

These are wonderful pics. I hope you will give us occasional updates on stuff you buy as well as stuff you see--speaking only for myself, I find that to be a very interesting aspect of travel.

Love the photo of the drinks lined up. Perhaps the true and quintessential color of the British Isles is not green but amber?

Condiment said...

Wow, how fun!