Monday, July 27, 2009

Basking in New Patio-ness

Yesterday we finished the patio, so today we bask. This included running all kinds of heat-induced errands, such as swimsuit shopping (all the good ones are gone, just ask the Australian at Pool-N-Patio), water bottle acquirement, snacks-for-the-car shopping (chocolate silk, pretzels, salad, animal cookies, celery, eggs), then returning home to sit in front of the A/C and surf the internets.
That done, I took all the vegetables from the fridge and either threw them away or cooked them. Must be done. Now, Middlebrow just has to drink all the remaining beer, which means packing should be fun. We'll either end up with no underwear or all underwear or a weird mix of shorts and shirts that don't match. Oh well, it's only Sedona. No one will notice. They'll be too busy getting blissed out in the harmonic convergence.
I'm looking forward to seeing my family, Son having playmates for a week, practicing my pull ups and double unders, drinking some cocktails, swimming in cold water and relaxing.
The final vacation.


Antistrophe said...

Congratulations on your new patio! Post some pictures. Enjoy your trip. I'll look for you on I-15 as I'll be heading to Vegas in the morning. :) Are we crazy to go to places that are 120 degrees in July?

Lisa B. said...

Yes, I want to see pictures. I have been imagining this patio for weeks now.

Have a wonderful time in the AZ. Hope to see you on the flipside, aka when you and I are back in town.

Not matching is the new matching--I should know, I have read a metric ton of fashion mags this summer.

lis said...

we will be in utah in three weeks. i demand that there be some kind of patio gathering--not to be pushy or anything.

Nik said...

Hello. No mention of the cool-Arizona stop off? I too want pictures but like Lis, I'll be there soon and would like a patio gathering. Perhaps Lis and I can meet on your patio, whilst admiring your leveling and rock-moving and sand-pouring abilities.