Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We arrived at the home of Otterbutt and The Photographer (I don't know what to call him...does he have a blog name?). They plied us with beer and delicious fish tacos (so yummy!). Let me just tell you, it is much cooler here than at home, and also where we are going next. We had to have blankets on the bed!
I'm drinking delicious french press coffee, then I need to eat something so I can go for a run. Later we'll go for a hike.
Aah, vacation.


Lisa B. said...

Doesn't every single detail of this sound delightful. I love blankets on the bed in summer--it's (counterintuitively) a luxury.

Keep having fun--it's inspiring!

Nik said...

Don't go....We had so much fun with you here. You know you've got good friends when you feel rejuvenated and restored rather than exhausted when they go.

ErinAlice said...

I have blankets on my bed but only because I keep the house cool. I mean I don't really have to come to terms with the 100+ weather do I?? Do I????