Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Digging Project

Here's me, about to start digging. Why dig? I am asking myself. It is a deep philosophical question.

The beginnings of The Hole. The hose marks the edge of the space we need to clear. Oh woe is us.

Middlebrow working his magic with the shovel. Note how Gus is "helping" by smelling stuff and chasing butterfly shadows through The Hole.

The gorgeous radishes I got from Hightouch's CSA. The Mexican zucchinni and the yellow squash I bought. We roasted them and ate them. Delicious!
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Nik said...

Are you digging a pool? Will it be ready by the time I get there in August?

annet said...

I pretty much liked your blog.

Antistrophe said...

Looks like quite a project. There's nothing like spending the day in the dirt.