Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Categories of Men

Now that I'm over 40 (cough, cough), I look around and put males into certain categories. I mean Men that catch my eye for some reason (their pants are falling off, they are cute, they smile at me, they try to chat me up).
  1. "I'm old enough to be his mother!"
  2. "I'm not old enough to be his mother, but I still couldn't date him, because he doesn't know who George Michael is."
  3. "He might be a suitable partner, if MB ever wises up to my insanity and divorces me."
  4. "I would make him a nice trophy wife."


Nik said...

I like that Trophy Wife gets its own tag. Trophy indeed!

ErinAlice said...

You are still 40,no??? Don't become "over 40 before you have to". I love that list. I definitely approve. :)

Dr. Write said...

You're right Erin! I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm 40, not OVER 40. Woosh!

theorris said...

You are not over 40.

theorris said...

Shit my joke was lost by my hasty typing.

It should have been "You are not 40. No one ever gets over being 40."

We need to get Counterintuitive together with you and me and have a 40 something angst party. No 50 somethings will be allowed.

theorris said...

As an addendum to my last comment, I will say that 30 somethings will be allowed just to make them squirm.

Counterintuitive said...

I'm not over being 40 and I am ready for an over 40 angst party. Seems I sometimes have being over 40 pity parties all on my own.

I dare a male reader to make a parallel list of categories of women--I'm not touching it.

Dr. Write said...

CI: I think one category would def. have to be "Cougar: I'm too old for her."