Monday, October 19, 2009

One of the Sadnesses of Challenge Month

Just now, thinking about making some snack for Son, I became a little heartsick at the thought of not baking things for him...the idea that I can't sit in the breakfast nook with him, eating a homemade cookie and talking about how good they are, knowing I made them, that unlike other cookies, this one had something intangible baked into it, that one of the expressions of feeling is making things, food, for other people. Sadly, much of this food involves flour and sugar.
I know, next month will be different and I can make cookies again, and, more importantly, pie. But just now, just for a minute, I was a little sad.


Lisa B. said...

Don't be sad, Dr. Write. The time for cookies will be at hand pretty darn soon.

But do have a pie party in November. I was thinking about just this thing today. Will there be a pie party? and, Please let me be in town for the pie party.

lis said...

this is why I am against diets of all types. what's wrong with sugar and flour, I want to know, as long as you balance it with good veggies and fruit and some exercise. if I were a superhero, I think i would be an anti-diet crusader. But I guess I should be a supportive friend like lisa b. and tell you not to worry, that cookies will be coming soon.

pie party. sad. i will go cry now.

Nik said...

Not enough pie all around. At least we can agree on that.
We ate the last oatmeal cookies last night so today has been pretty austere around here. Now that I've returned to the cookie, I'm not sure if I can give them up.

Julie said...

funny. i felt the same way when i was on the challenge and I don't bake. But i do know how you feel. You're amazing! only 10 days left.

theorris said...

I'm afraid I'm with lis. I am a diet curmudgeon. But each to her own.

ErinAlice said...

There is pie at the end of the tunnel and oatmeal cookies sound really good. :)