Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Too Much

MB suggests I am doing too much. This is after a crazy workout at Crossfit, one that left me tired (I went home and laid down for one hour) and too sore to type. Yeah, I was too sore to work on my novel.
Maybe, MB suggests, you shouldn't try to: teach full-time, keep up this crazy workout schedule, be a Mom, run, be social, etc., especially when I have trouble sleeping, which I do.
Maybe it's my crazy workout schedule (Monday: off; Tuesday: Crossfit; Wednesday: run; Thursday: Crossfit; Friday: run; Saturday: Kettlebell class; Sunday: run). But, sometimes I don't run on Wednesday, sometimes I go to Crossfit or do nothing.
Maybe it's my sleep schedule (go to bed around 11, get up around 7). Sometimes I wake up before 6 and just lay there, my mind busily spinning with the things I need to accomplish. Sometimes I fall back to sleep. More often, I don't.
What is this too much of which he speaks? Is it just the human condition that we try to do more than we actually can? Is this an affliction of the working/writing Mom? Is this an affliction of the woman of 2009? It's not enough to be a writer or to be a Mom, I also have to be in shape and awesome?
I have to say, I like to work out, it's good for stress, though sometimes it causes stress. My workout buddies are my social group, my friends. If I didn't work out with them, I wouldn't see them. Sad!
But what about writing? I will finish the novel this year and I think I can work out AND work on my novel.
In my opinion, it's all the grading that intrudes on my writing time. That, and napping when I can't hold my hands up long enough to type a word. There is that.


Nik said...

Did we write our posts at the same time? I like to think of pregnancy as a kind of workout. I still do push-ups. Whenever I do, I think of you.
Oh. The. Writing. Maybe one day.

Condiment said...

Last Sunday I woke up late, made breakfast, and watched about six hours of football. It was totally, totally enjoyable. I don't think I've done something like this in the last 15 years. It was really really great. I'm going to try to do this every week. Of course, that means cramming those wasted Sunday hours into the remaining six days, but at least there will be a weekly reprieve.

It's hard for me to trust anyone who isn't overworked and stressed and trying to cram more productive hours into every day. I agree.

But take a day off now and again. Even from the novel.

lis said...

I think excessive busy-ness is totally overrated. Why are six hours of football wasted hours? Don't bears and assorted other animals hibernate? Trees shut down production during the winter. To be always productive is not necessarily a virtue, says me.

Steve Fellner said...

Protect your sleep. It's the most important thing. It's more than just punctuation. If I ever see you again in life, I'll tell you about it.

Lisa B. said...

I agree with Lis about the busy-ness. And also, I agree with Steve about the sleep. It's at least as important as, and maybe more so, than being fit. And please don't ask me about my sleep, because it's none of your business, everyone.