Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Beauty of Getting Older that you appreciate things so much more.
Such as:

  • my amazing husband (who else would have married me?)
  • friends you have known for a long time
  • friends with whom you have many things in common
  • the laughter of Son (and his sense of humor in general)
  • delicious drinks, like Jack Frost, The Metropolitan, and White Sangria
  • the amazing shoulders of Dwight Howard, seriously, check this dude out
  • friends who will take your crazy son for the night so you can, briefly, pretend to be an Adult
  • being so much stronger this year than last
  • being able to afford to go out for fancy drinks & a fancy dinner (at least a few times a year)
  • wine
  • mountains
  • my very expensive Victoria's Secret bra (I saw a dude checking me out at the game last night. It's so the bra!)


Jane Drexler said...

Those are pretty impressive shoulders.

Happy Birthday.

Lisa B. said...

happy birthday to you! you are indeed more awesome each year.

ErinAlice said...

Nice. I too enjoy the Victoria Secret bra. And what is a Jack Frost and a Metropolitan? They sound yummy!! Hope you and Jason both had a great time acting like adults.

Aligates said...

I'm just laughing about the first time you said, "It's the bra!" Or, was it the dress? It was damn funny, that's what I remember.