Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Consumption Log


  • Sushi at Yellowfin, with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Fancy vodka drink & a glass of red wine, pommes frite & some chicken pot pie at The Metropolitan
  • Ice cream at the Jazz game
  • Tea with whiskey at home
  • Butternut Squash Soup with Cinnamon Crema (oh! my! god!) and Spicy Beef Salad at Chow Truck
  • Cava at the Monaco wine tasting, Prosseco in E & K's room after
  • Tapas & Sangria at Martine: trout with lentils, duck!, Spanish tortilla, something with chorizo, lamb; then a glass of Rioja; chocolate decadence & grilled gringerbread & porto
  • A drink in The Vault at Bambara: Old Fashioned & some calamari & shrimp
  • The rest of the Prosseco in E & K's room
  • Free coffee in the lobby of the Monaco
  • Brunch at Bambara: tomato & roasted pepper omelette, fresh orange juice, complimentary fruit plate
  • Curry Chicken Soup (I made): chicken, coconut milk, ginger, sweet potatoes, carrots, rice noodles
  • Pear-Apple-Berry Crisp (I made): delicious! Turns out pears are a delicious addition to any crisp!
It's always gratifying to return home after a long stint of good eating out and to remind oneself that one can, when pressed, make a good soup based loosely on a recipe and top it off with a crisp made from the over ripe fruit at hand. All in all, a successful culinary weekend. 


Nik said...

Hello, trumpy-mcTrumpykins. I had none of those things. But my favorite part is the staying at the Monaco, while E & K stayed there too. That is the height of fun times.

Lisa B. said...

Lord, this sounds amazing. Glad you had such a great weekend--loved seeing you at the intersection, although I think I almost caused a commotion, I was so excited. Happy birthday(s)! Again!

Condiment said...

Wow, it sounds so decadent when you list it out like this. Can't argue with the data, though!

Good times!!!!

I also shared a hot dog at the game, let us not forget this mediocrity....