Monday, January 02, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

Well, I'm so full of success over accomplishing all of last year's goals (aim low!), that now I think it's a good idea to write down this year's goals/resolutions. So, here goes:

  1. First, self-inflict no injury. As a post-40 person who likes to work out and wants to continue to work out until she dies (hopefully being crushed under a barbell), this is first. FIRST!
  2. Yoga at least once a week (Thursdays at CCY with my yoga wife, Susan)
  3. Run at least twice a week (Tues. morning and one weekend run)
  4. Swim Tuesday nights (with the gays. they sure are fun to swim with)
  5. Roll out my aching parts/stretch every day. Every day, dammit!
  6. Eat paleo 80% of the time
  7. Work on my pullups (10 after every workout)
  8. Work on my freestanding handstand and handstand walk (this is fun!)
  9. Do a triathlon in 2012
  10. Work on a book (stories? novel? essays?)
And that's it, my pretties. Seems doable. See, I can't say things like "write every day" because then I feel bad when I don't. So "work on writing" that seems doable to me.


Jackson Connor said...

Hazah, Dr. W. Run like hell. You're an inspiration to us all. What kind of stretching do you do? I freaking hate stretching. I would rather do a sit up (which I have cleverly avoided entirely since 2008).

Dr Write said...

I've been rolling out my legs on the foam roller and doing a variety of yoga stretches. I also like the Crossfit-related Mobility WOD, which I should do, but don't. But I think about it.
I too prefer sit ups.

Lisa B. said...

handstand walk? what the hell is this?

but seriously--very impressive and aspirational, and the fact that it's doable--even more impressive. I salute and support you in this regime! huzzah 2012!