Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yoga Teacher Training

Last night my yoga teacher training began. It's weird to be a student again, surrounded by mostly twenty-somethings who want to share their love of the healing effects of yoga. We went around in a circle and said how long we had been doing yoga, five years, two years, three years. Until it got to me. I've been doing yoga, off and on, for more than 20 years. For longer than some of those people have been alive. Crazy!
But I'm looking forward to the experience. My interest is really from a sports background, rather than feeling the spiritual effects of yoga, though of course there can be those too. Mostly I think people who do Crossfit or lift weights can benefit from a little focus on balance and flexibility, to counteract all the strength and power. I'm excited to do my "homework" which is to try new yoga classes, different teachers, etc.
And it will be interesting to try to be less cynical when the teacher talks about chakras and energy. I hope she doesn't talk about crystals...


Nik said...

Even though it makes me contort into new, unsanctioned poses when the yoga teacher starts talking about chakras or energies or letting the force out or in, I do always feel somehow spiritually restored. Does tree pose plus new agey speak actually blast through my cynicism? I think it might.
I'd love to take yoga with you!

Lisa B. said...

you, dr. write, are a person of many surprises. I hope we will hear more about this process. question: is chakras really new agey? or did new agers just appropriate it? because isn't yoga a spiritual practice, actually, in its origins? or what do I know, anyway. please illuminate this for me!