Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Today's Post

Well, HightouchMegaStore said she was going to post every day. Every! Day! That is daunting. But maybe I can post more this year, so there's that.
After watching an action-adventure movie which was exactly what it was supposed to be (except maybe a bit too long), I took Dog for a walk up to the Hollow.
Being with a Dog is good for remembering what it is to be alive. He leaps like a deer and runs up hills as if he were a mountain goat, which he, decidedly, is not. He also stands in the freezing stream and looks at rocks as if they were about to turn into fish or maybe birds.
He is crazy, but he is good at being alive.


Nik said...

Dogs in the woods!

middlebrow said...

Good post. Gus is a good reminder of what's important: running, eating, sleeping. And pointing at things in front of you.

Lisa B. said...

Gus is totally a genius at being alive. I thought about this post while we were walking Bruiser, who apparently thinks that the entire universe, i.e. the grass, is made of delicious, edible things.

Dr Write said...

The grass IS made of delicious edible things. Also full of smells. And things to pee on.