Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On Writing

Now that I am trying to be more regimented about my sabbatical writing, I sat down and wrote out a few things, long hand, in a notebook.
Later, I discovered a few stories I had written last summer, and I "fell in a hole" by which I mean I read them and that took some time.
But then, then!, I started a new story with these same characters and I wrote quite a bit on that.

All this to say that I should be/want to work on my non-fiction project, but I find it much easier to work on the novel, because I can just write whatever.

But! part of my research was looking up hit songs from my past, and so I give you this list:
Dancing Queen, ABBA
My Sharona,The Knack
TUSK, Fleetwood Mac
Jessie's Girl, Rick Springfield
Jack & Diane, John Cougar
Missing You, John Waite
Careless Whisper, Wham!
Broken Wings, Mr. Mister

I look forward to see what writing might be inspired by this titles....


Ann said...

This list is just what I needed today. And yay you for being regimented. And yay you for falling into that hole.

I spent last summer in the half-constructed playhouse Ken Cannon is making for our granddaughters and wrote a ton in longhand. It was great. It got me away from the computer, which allows me to distract myself when things get hard.

Well done, Dr. Write.

Dr Write said...

Yes, I would love to do more writing by hand. Need to cultivate that habit!