Friday, October 26, 2007


I made the Pumpkin Risotto (Scorpion's Tail's recipe) and some salmon (that Middlebrow overcooked, not my fault!).
But the highlight, the new addition was the Raw Tuscan Kale Salad with Pecorino.
I found the recipe at the New York Times. The woman who wrote it said she always orders interesting combinations on menus because she assumes that if the chef put it on the menu it must be amazing, and this recipe was.
I agree with her description of the dressing as Caesar-y (lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic) but the tender kale (not like the tough regular stuff) is also a revelation. It's like a healthy Caesar salad. Eat more! It's full of iron!! Pile on the cheese!! Yum yum!!
Of course, it helps that the pecorino is delicious and the homemade bread crumbs and the lemon etc etc.
It was delicious. And the risotto was as well. Pumpkin, roasted in the oven, and the finishing touch of vermouth.
Another nice dinner.
I hope to see you all at the Book Festival. Maybe at my panel? I'm subbing for a friend, so I'm not in the official schedule. But if you want to attend, email me and I'll let you know which one it is.
It's "Speaking the Unspeakable."
Sounds like me, right?


ErinAlice said...

Wow. That recipe sounds complicated but when I read it, it is actually quite easy. I like meals like that. Better than the other way around-when they sound easy but are really complicated! Oh and you stole my costume idea. I guess I can go as tired co-ed mother. Either way can't believe Halloween is almost here. Wish the cool weather was. But I am probably the only one.

Lisa B. said...

That salad sounds amazing. I love kale and cook it all the time in the winter, but even lacinato kale seemed like it would be too tough to eat raw. But no. I will try this at my first opportunity.

Nik said...

Isn't it illegal to speak the unspeakable? Or ill-advised. There must be some reason for the unspeakedness.

I'm pretty sure we don't have tender Kale in these parts. Not for these hardy midwesterners no. At the farmer's market the other day, I overheard one woman begging a vendor for some kale. The vendor responded, after the first frost. And the begging woman said, oh let it freeze soon. I need my kale.

Renaissance Girl said...

where the hell did you buy tuscan kale? if it's "tender," and if i present it at the table with that flourish of an epithet, Thing 1 might actually eat it.

Dr. Write said...

I got it at Wild Oats. It was even labeled "Tuscan Kale." It goes by that other name also, lacinto, or something. But it was delicious, even the next day. Unlike lettuce, it doesn't wilt.

lis said...

the salad sounds delicious. I will make it this week. yum, yum.
sorry I didn't know you were at the book festival. I would have come. I just went to Brad Dimock's lecture which was fabulous and then went to lunch with friends at Thai Lotus.