Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just Had to Blog

I don't have anything to say, but I felt the need to blog. MB is home and he thinks the nook looks fantastic. I'll post some pictures, eventually. We still have to finish the benches, but still. And maybe get new cushions? Always something.
Today as I was walking down the hall at school, I saw a young woman carrying her young son. He had his head on her shoulder, just snuggled up. It made me pine for those days. Son is much too big for prolonged carrying, and when I do carry him, it hurts me. I fondly remember those days when he would lay his head against my shoulder and relax into me, making him easy to carry.
One of my fondest memories is of a day when we lived in our old house downtown. His bedroom was in the front of the house and our "office" was in the back. He was taking a nap and I was in the back working. I was probably reading for my exams. He got up from his nap and came and found me in the office. He climbed into my lap and snuggled as only a boy who has just awoken can.
I miss those days, but I do so enjoy my conversations with him now. He read to me tonight, and I'm continually amazed at the words he can just read.
He also was explaining to me earlier that at school he got a folder and a bag to keep pens in. He held his hands parallel to one another and smacked them down on the table in unison to emphasize that he "just got it. Today." (thump thump). He's a gesturer. Wonder where he gets that?
In other news, I finally printed out my book. But now that I've done that, I've received some feedback from my adviser. Should I take her advice and change stuff and then print it out again? Have I mentioned I'm sick of this book and hate it and wish it would go away, like to the publisher, for example?


ErinAlice said...

Man, I wish I had a book, that I wrote, to hate. Instead I have books, that I read, that I hate but have to read anyway and then talk about and then write about. But no book...good luck with that. Oh, in response to my blog, I totally forgot about me crying and mom forgetting us. I am sure I can fit that into some of my writing. Childhood trauma makes good fodder. But I loved gymnastics too. I too had a walk down memory lane while looking at baby pictures of the girls. And then telling them stories about how they used to talk etc. So cute!! But I enjoy our conversations so I don't want them to be that age again it just seems like time has gone by so fast...sigh.

Lisa B. said...

Even at this late date, far beyond the moment when my own children were snuggle-size, I still feel the loss of that, a little. I also wish sometimes that I could have just a few hours of their childhood back. I'm pretty sure I missed stuff. Sweet times you have with your son, both what's past and what's happening now. So good that you're paying attention!

Nik said...

What did she advise? I can talk you out of it.....
I hate revising. Can't we all just have editors? Isn't that what finding a publisher is for?

Condiment said...

Wish I had to book to hate as well.

Counterintuitive said...

You will pine even more when son is a mean cool tweenie. Having a tweenie and a 6 year old my 6 year old seems so innocent and cuddly; it's probably the contrast. Not sure what I will do once the youngest is also a tweenie. I think that's why some people just keep having babies. You could try that:)