Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Secrets of Isis

I was talking with some friends last night about TV. I asked if anyone remembered Isis. Of course it was another woman who remembered. The first female live action superhero!!
What? You don't remember Isis?
The same friend also reminded me of Shazam! Another gem of Saturday morning TV in the 70s.
Here's what I remember: eating Cream of Wheat (made with milk not water!) with lots of butter and brown sugar. Sitting in the basement watching TV all Saturday morning until American Bandstand came on. Remember "it's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I give it a ten"?
Well. That's what's on my mind today.
And, apparently, I confused Isis with She-Ra: Princess of Power, which was a cartoon. I must have watched it.
If I had more time, I'd dress as Isis for Halloween. As it is, I will go with my traditional costume of Tired Mother.


theorris said...

I remember Isis.

Lisa B. said...

I don't remember Isis, but I do remember She-Ra. And I do remember watching Saturday morning cartoons all morning. My brother and I would get up early early early to watch the Pink Panther. The morning concluded with The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour. It was heaven. Later in life, my kids would sometimes wake me up to watch PeeWee's Playhouse with them, which was just about as good as when I was a kid.

Nik said...

I remember Isis but I better remember the Bob Dylan song and every time I go to your blog of late, I get that song stuck in my head. "I married/ Isis/ on the 5th day of May/ but I couldn't hold on to her/very long."

And then I think G-Force.
Perhaps I can go as G-Force for Halloween. Oh that would be best.