Friday, January 18, 2008

Do Nothing Day

Perhaps you did not know it, but today has been Do Nothing Day. I believe we observe this day in preparation for an extra day off school. You know, we have the extra day, so we thought we'd waste it by staying indoors, drinking tea, possibly going to the store for chips (but don't over exert yourself!), and maybe reading magazines. Maybe you try to send stuff out but realize that all literary magazines have stopped reading, because they don't want to be bothered by your crap. Maybe you selected a delicious vegan salad recipe to take to dinner tomorrow night, trying hard to be a good guest by not expecting to be able to eat anything they might be serving. (Note to self: don't forget bread and wine!). Maybe you convince Son to veganize his menu for Son's Turn to Choose Dinner without him really knowing it (score one for Mom!). Maybe you think about ways to remove all the dairy products from the Valentine bags of M&Ms (they come in bags of just green! What?) that have already appeared on shelves (is it just me or are they trying to accelerate time?) Maybe you watch your psychotic dog chasing light and shadows around the room. Maybe you let Son do some "magic" tricks for you.
Sigh. Maybe you look forward to Sunday night, because there will be a new "Masterpiece" on, Northanger Abbey, I think. I'm almost done with the book.
Maybe you spent hours and hours on the internet without really reading or doing anything. (But maybe you listened to some music that you don't really like, but for reasons unknown (American Idol?) are now stuck in your head, incompletely.)
I hope that you were able to embrace your sloth. If you'll please excuse me, I have nothing to do.


Lisa B. said...

This day sounds pretty darn good. I did not have a do nothing day, but I aspire to one. It certainly pleases me to contemplate yours.

ErinAlice said...

I like the Do Nothing Day. I feel that a bit of everyday is Do Nothing Day. I think I will try tomorrow when dad will be here and we will sit and watch endless hours of football.There won't be a vegan menu but it will include the most important food group: chips, salsa and alcoholic beverages!!!

susansinclair said...

Sloth is good. I personally shopped on Friday, because I always need a new ensemble for the first day of classes. This semester: a black cardigan in that whole baby-doll sillhouette thing that I'll hate next year.

Nik said...

I did less than nothing. I barely pushed go on the movie machine. I only ate after Erik came home from a whole day of disc golf. I somehow expect this nothingness bite me in the ass tomorrow when many somethings need be done.
(I know. What's with this "we're full for 2008. Please try again next year business of lit mags. It's January! But do send out before you go to AWP or you'll wander around going, damn, I meant to send to them last week!)