Monday, January 07, 2008

1 Down, 59 to go

Not that I'm counting. Actually, last night that feeling of dread I sometimes get at the start of a semester (what if they don't like me? what if, as son has written, I actually am an "ediet"? What if I forget to put on my skirt and walk in wearing just tights and boots?) was entirely absent. I was actually 100% dread free.
This may be explained by the fact that I didn't have to teach until afternoon. So I got up and wrote. Can you imagine such a thing? Writing! And I took Son to school and I came home and did some other stuff and went to Costco and then ate a big salad and a Boca burger. Boca!
And my classes were good. Mostly, I believe, because I concocted a little activity that forced them to interact and also to practice some skills that we will be "honing" in class. We hone. That's what we do.
And then I went swimming and then I took the bus home and ate like a piggy. Oink!
Tired yet?
Also: I'm mostly excited about my trip to NYC with HighTouch and OtterButt (well, not so much with Otterbutt as I hope I get to see her repeatedly! alot! daily! hourly!) at the end of January. But I will be traveling with Hightouch and I hope we remember to buy excessive amounts of magazines like last year. So I already have something to look forward to.
And I'm looking forward to my fiction class tomorrow, which I must prep for. So farewell, for now.
Also, could someone tell me why I gave up drinking for January? (that is, all the parts of January that are not in NYC) Because I could really use a drink right now. Oh. That's why?


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a not too bad first day. My first day of the semester is tomorrow. One 2010 after another. But I am raring to go! It will be awesome! And I am planning to be the purveyor of trash mags on our trip--it is my calling.

ErinAlice said...

I can't believe you started already. I start next week. But you give me hope. It won't be too bad. I go to NYC in March. Fun!!!

Nik said...

59? Ouch.
Without wine for some-odd number of those? Double ouch.

Limon de Campo said...

They'll like you. They ALWAYS like you. And if, by chance, someone doesn't like you, well, that means that person is an idiot!