Monday, January 14, 2008


I've arranged my schedule this semester so that I get to write some mornings. It would be nice if it were every morning, but no. In any case, I wrote 2,000 words this morning. I won't say on what or why or how very very mediocre my writing is, but I am glad just to have sat my butt down and written something.
I also prepared a story to send to a contest.
My plan is to prepare for class on Sunday night so that I may sit down on Monday and Wednesday and (I hope) Friday mornings and write, write, write. Evenings are for grading, reading, etc.
I have a story that I'm stalled on that I hope to work on, and now this new project. It's fun, in any case, so I hope to keep up the fun-ness.
May I just say, also, how much I love Persuasion? It's my favorite Jane Austen novel and I liked the new Masterpiece version last night. (Mostly because it featured Adam, from my favorite MI-5). It was too short (how can you pack all that into 90 minutes?), but it was a good adaptation.
I did not watch The Golden Globe newscast. I just looked at the list this morning. I guess I have to see "There Will Be Blood" now. And "Longford" which I'd never even heard of, but I do love Samantha Morton. And I'm glad Jeremy Piven won. He's my favorite. And Tina Fey. Tina Fey! And "Mad Men" which I've not seen, but I promise to get it on DVD. And "Atonement" no surprise there. But "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" which I listened to on tape (really, analog) and have wanted to see anyway.
That's my Monday update. School seems to be going well. And I exercised 6 out of 7 days last week. I think I lost all the sugar cookie weight.
Happy week!


Lisa B. said...

That was a week full of accomplishments. Very impressive. Congrats on the word count.

ErinAlice said...

Wow. I only write that much at one time when I have to. I guess that is why you are considered a writer and I am, well, not. Sounds very impressive. Write away.