Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Of Watermelon, Peas & The Farmers' Market

This is a picture of the delicious Watermelon Margarita I made this week. I made them three times, and my advice is to freeze the watermelon for at least 24 hours and to add a dash of superfine sugar. You can put sugar on the rim, but it's unnecessary.

I bought some peas at the Farmers' Market this weekend, mostly because they were there and because Melissa told me about them. But then, when I got them home, I asked myself, what will you do with these? In the past, I have purchased vegetables which have languished in the crisper drawer because I'm not sure how to approach them.
The solution, my friends, is to google "peas" and "recipe" and then sift through those to find a winner. Which I did. Witness: Pea, Mint and Avocado Salad from Nigella Lawson's cookbook. At first I was dubious about the combination of mint with peas and avocado, (I kept thinking about how the British like corn on their pizza....) but it was excellent. It was even better the second day. I actually just tossed the peas with mint dressing, then added avocado and minimal greens. So tasty!

So now I'm really off. Well, Thursday. I guess I'm taking my computer. I might do some writing. Or something.


ErinAlice said...

Yes.Watermelon Margaritas. We are going to make them. And drink them. Lots of them. Must buy superfine sugar....see you in a couple of days.

susansinclair said...

yum. and yum.

Nik said...

Do you freeze the whole melon? Hmm. I love margarita season.

Lisa B. said...

I made the delicious pea-mint-avocado concoction for dinner tonight. Thank your for alerting the whole world to this dish. It was very good.

Wayne said...

How much of my life is wasted on not knowing how to approach things...I will never know.

Ah, I almost didn't write because of it.

And now I'm avoiding bedtime. In the morning it will be work. And at the end of the day when my boss asks, I will say that the report is not in his hands because...(I freely now admit)...I did not know how to approach it.

Thank you giving me the words to avoid the uncomfortable pause I'm likely to get past now that I know how to eloquently admit it.

I am now fearless in my acceptance of it. Thank you, kind sir.

Oh yeah, watermelon margaritas!
The Husband (on behalf of erinalice)

Anonymous said...

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