Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Recent Happenings in Dr. Write-ville

Back to lists:
  1. I went to the Utah Arts Fest, where I read, friends of mine read, and Hightouch got a much deserved Arts Award from the Mayor (actually she got it from the Mayor's Chief of Staff who happens to be dating a friend of mine, but that's another story) and I had some important sightings. Let me list them here: the woman who punched another woman at the Son Volt concert last year (I saw her twice! with her kids!); the lead singer of the Purbats; a comedian with tons of tattoos that we recognized from Last Comic Standing. He's from West Jordan, but whenever he was on screen it said he was from West Jordy. Now that's comedy!
  2. Went to Idaho. It was hot, but less hot than here, and fun. We did some hiking, and some swimming, some tennising, and more important, some eating of burritos from the taco truck and some drinking of the beer at the local brew pub. Also saw a grad school friend who just bought a house for $98,000. Anyone want to move to SE Idaho?
  3. Two other cool things from Idaho: in downtown Pocatello they put pavers around downtown with quotations by local authors on them. They are about to do another round, but I missed the deadline. Maybe next time! I walked in to a coffee shop and there, there!, behind the counter was the man who had been my boss at the Starbucks on Queen Anne in Seattle. What, pray tell, was he doing in Pocatello? He opened a coffee shop there. His sister and brother live in Pocatello. Weird!
  4. Middlebrow finished a big backyard project. He dug and hurt his back and sweated a lot. I helped a little. It's almost done (we need more gravel), but already I have that feeling of accomplishment, though I didn't really do anything.
  5. Tomorrow: tennis! (playing. and maybe some watching. Wimbledon is nearing conclusion...)
And that's all for today.....


Condiment said...

Congratulations to all the writers on their successes!

ErinAlice said...

Okay now I really have to call you to get the scoop on all that. Sounds like you have had much more excitement than me. Just swimming. Talk to you soon.

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like summer-ville, which is as it should be. Without too much stress over whatever isn't getting done. I read dooce describe summer as "only the best season of the year, hot and dry and deliciously unbearable." For some reason, that made me a little more okay with the heat and how slow I feel about doing things in the middle of the day. Of course, right now, I am in Idaho where it is cooler, making Utah heat completely bearable. Because I don't have to be in it.

Nik said...

Perhaps Pocatello is the new Portland? Let's all go!
Congrats Lisa B on the recognition you so richly deserve.
(And still feeling much guilt over missing the reading).
See you in late July!