Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where's Dr. Write?

I know you have been fretting, thinking to yourself, "Where's Dr. Write? What could have happened to her? Why isn't she blogging?"
Well, I hate to tell you, but nothing exciting has been going on. For one week I was in Pinetop/Lakeside Arizona at a condo with my mother and her husband, my sister, ErinAlice and her family, Middlebrow & Son. It was great fun hanging out in the pines where it was very cool, it rained nearly every day, I wore the same sweatshirt for a week, we over-hiked (meaning we thought we were going to hike 6 but really we hiked 9.5), we engaged in all kinds of sports (miniature golf, fishing, swimming, ping pong, basketball, pool, hiking, tennis), and the liquor flowed like water sometimes as early as noon! Unheard of! We also watched our share of cable, including "Deadliest Catch" which is strangely addictive, and plenty of HGTV.
Then we stopped, too briefly, at Otterbutt's, where we hung out, ate, did some hiking, and adored her beautiful and amusing daughter. Also drank sufficient amounts. Also experienced more torrential rain. Also watched "Flip This House!" Vacation = Cable.
What else? I read the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy. (Loved it!) Finished Cloudsplitter. Finally!!
Also saw "Mamma Mia." Ridiculous and totally entertaining. How could you not love a movie that has Meryl Streep AND Pierce Brosnan AND Colin Firth AND Julie Walters? I tell you how: it's impossible. You can't.
I also started running again and am running two races in the next two months. I started swimming again, and I went to the tennis workout. (News flash: my backhand still sucks!) Also I went for a hike (not too long) with Sylvia and Gus (who was very well behaved! He's a champ!).
Next week we are going to Island Park, which as you know from our friend Hightouchmegastore, may or may not be heaven. I'll give you my verdict when we return. So much depends upon the density of the mosquitoes and the quality of the margaritas.
Pretty soon, I'll have to face reality and work on my syllabi. But for now, there's a Corona in the freezer with my name on it.


theorris said...

Well I missed you all, particularly, when the "reverse flood" was going down at our mutual workitude.

It was, to say the least, quite surreal and vacation-like, if you like ceiling tiles full of asbestos-dipped-in-asbestos (thank you for that phrase High Touch) falling on your head as an exciting vacation.

Thanks to that turn of events, I shall have no glorious week of non-youknowwhatcommunitycollege.

Maybe I will fuck with everyone and disappear for 2 weeks in the middle of the semester.

Yeah, right.

ErinAlice said...

Great recap. I like the idea of a Corona waiting for you in the freezer. Yum. Unfortunately, we are almost back to the grind here. Drink a Corona, or two, for me!!! Oh and it was great seeing you and drinking and watching "Cash Cab".

Dr. Write said...

Oh yeah! Cash Cab! I saw it, as a board game/in a box, at the store. I'm tempted to buy it, but only if we can play it together, in a car.

Condiment said...

I am addicted to all of the Discovery Channel's new reality show model: the New Machismo. (Or is it the New Masochism?). Deadliest Catch, yes!

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, though I missed you and, it must be said, your blogging. But mostly and mainly you.