Friday, August 08, 2008

Hypothesis Confirmed: Idaho IS Heaven

Actually, I think this cloud photo is from out recent trip to Arizona. But they are nice clouds, no?

We spent a day at Henry's Fork of the Snake River. I got in the water, briefly, just long enough to confirm that the water was too cold to have one's butt in for very long. But it provided a beautiful scene in which to sit, think, and drink a beer.

Does Gus think Idaho is heaven? Yes, he does. It has water, bugs to chase, lots of room to run. Did I mention the water?

As if we weren't already aware, on our way home we stopped at Upper Mesa Falls and observed this spectacular rainbow. If we hadn't already been convinced that Idaho was heaven, we might have thought Idaho was showing off.


ErinAlice said...

Wow. It looks so pretty. I wish I could have been there with you!!! Great pictures too. Oh and I do think Idaho was showing off. You know how it can be....

Lisa B. said...

The river is amazing, isn't it? My dad, the optical physicist, has determined precisely when to be at the Falls for optimal rainbow viewing. It's so dang gorgeous, it's absurd.

It's a fine line between showing off and dressing up because she wants to impress you, isn't it?

Counterintuitive said...

Love love love Mesa Falls.

And Lisa I want to know these optimal times--really.

Nik said...

Yes. I'm ready to go now. Boise State anyone?