Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh What Have You Done, Dr. Write, Dr. Write?

Well. I finally slept in and recovered from the Neko Case/Twilight Lounge debauch, which included rum, tequila, shoju, and beer. Then more beer.
Also, my friend Jane bet me $5 I wouldn't talk to the two guys in front of us whom we overheard mentioning Baby Jessica. Why? Well, it turns out they had been to a grad student reading and someone had written a story about Baby Jessica from the point-of-view of a mole. Why? Good question. In any case, they were both grad students. Then, later, I ran into other grad students who, I am sure, had been to the same reading. Sing it with me now, "It's a small town after all."
So today I slept in, then went for a run, then went to the Farmer's Market. Normally I would not go to the market after 10, but I just had to.
I ran into several lovely people, AND I purchased:
Beautiful heirloom tomatoes from Tremonton farmers
More tomatoes from Chad
More tomatoes from different Tremonton farmer, and also potatoes and beets
JalapeƱos from groovy woman-farmers
Peaches from same place I got them last weekend
Blackberries from someone else (do you foresee another cobbler in my future?)
Corn from known Republicans (sorry Historian!!)
Natural beef from Zoe (couldn't find the Idahoans)

Then, I had to go to the store to get cilantro, lemon, and chips. And butter.
I made salsa. I ate lots and lots and lots of salsa. It was a kind of lunch.
Soon, I must make cobbler for the cookout tonight.
I'm hoping Son & I will finish Harry Potter (#7) as it is due soon. We only have a few chapters left. I'm pretty enthralled with it. I want to know what happens. No spoilers please.


Lisa B. said...

Sounds deliriously fun and more fun. Good shopping at the FM, though we missed seeing you! As for HP7, I think it concludes satisfyingly. We will have to discuss when it's all over and done with. If you can tear Son away from the Three Stooges.

ErinAlice said...

Your farmer's market is much better than ours. Maybe it will get better when it cools off out here. It does cool off. Eventually. Enjoy HP. I was depressed after knowing there would be no more.....