Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Thursday, Another TV

So, here's what happens on Thursday:
  1. I teach. But it's only one class. Question: How to get the students to f*%&ing talk about poetry?? huh??
  2. I "have office hours" and by this I mean, sit in writing center and talk to students or former students. Whatever.
  3. Go home. Today, I did this in a round about way that involved going to the wine store, doing the car swap with MB, having lunch at a Thai place (bringing home take out for dinner!), and catching a bus home.
  4. Maybe co-op at Son's school or maybe go home to do whatever. Today was a whatever day that included finishing "The Big Clock," doing stuff on-line, napping, etc.
  5. Eat take-out.
  6. Try to get Son to bed in a way that doesn't interfere with "The Office" and "30 Rock." Don't I have my priorities straight? TV first!!
  7. Watch "The Office" and "30 Rock."
  8. Flip between "ER" and "Private Practice" getting attached to neither and secretly being mildly interested in both.
  9. Watch the last episode of "Lipstick Jungle" on-line. Mourn for the loss of trashy TV until (maybe?) more episodes appear next year.
  10. Check email, do Facebook, etc etc, finally sleep.


Nik said...

My husband tricked me out of regular TV! He made me watch Burn Notice which I like but I also want some 30 Rock.

ErinAlice said...

You need a DVR then you can put Son to bed and still watch your favorite shows, without commercials and not feel guilty. It's a win win situation!!