Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: A Review

Here are my resolutions from last year, with a recap:
  1. Go to bed earlier. (sleep is good!) *I don't think I accomplished this*
  2. Exercise more. (Swimming, Running, Yoga) *This I definitely have accomplished. Recently*
  3. Worry less. *Still unsuccessful on this front*
  4. Ski this winter. *I did ski, but I want to ski more this year*
  5. Be nicer. *I tried. Not sure if I succeeded. Maybe?*
  6. Be more patient. *No*
  7. Write more. *More? Maybe? Probably not*
  8. Read more. *Yes. Successful on this one.*
  9. Watch less TV. *No.*
  10. See more movies in the theater. (this one seems doable!) *Yes. I accomplished this*
So, all in all more success than not. This year, I'll limit myself to five.
  1. Sleep. (sound familiar?)
  2. Do a triathlon.
  3. Write. (ie: finish The Novel)
  4. Read.
  5. Hang out with friends (dinners, movies, etc.)
I think getting rid of "more" insures success on the resolution front. And I'm all for success.


Condiment said...

I like this post. Any person can make a resolution, but how many actually follow up theirs a year later. Resolution accountability, yes. Now I must go and try to find mine...

ErinAlice said...

I don't know if I even made any but I am going to limit myself to one this year..maybe two. I am also all for success!! Way to go.

Lisa B. said...

You are already perfectly nice, so I'm not sure why you ever thought you needed to be nicer. Also, it seems to me you watch the perfect amount of television, and possibly a little less than you should, seeing as how YOU DON"T HAVE CABLE. Here's to successful sleeping, training, writing, reading, and hanging out. You can do it!