Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year-End Wrap Up: Last Post for 2008

I guess I need to post before the clock strikes midnight. I am inspired by everyone's year end/ best of lists, but I'm not sure I can review the whole year right now, given that I am only one cup of coffee into what will surely prove to be a two cup day (at may be a three cup day...).
So, in my muddled way, I will try to remember the highlights, best ofs, etc.
  • Most surprisingly good movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Best vacation: I can't choose. Austin; Boulder, Utah; Pinetop/Flagstaff, AZ; Vegas
  • Best Margarita: Mesa Grill, Las Vegas
  • Best Martini: Four Seasons, Las Vegas
  • Best New Drink: Watermelon Margarita (my backyard!)
  • Favorite Book: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Best Gift Received: Keen boots (from MB) and coat/scarf (from my mom)
  • Best Gift Given: The Best of Ogden Nash and NBA socks (to MB)
  • Best Activity: Ragnar Wasatch Back (because of the bonding with my teammates)
  • Best Rediscovered Activity: Tennis
  • Movie that should receive an Oscar, but won't: Slumdog Millionaire
  • Favorite TV show (on DVD): Battlestar Galatica
  • Favorite TV show (on TV): The Office, 30 Rock, Lipstick Jungle, Samantha Who? (I can't choose! I suck at these lists!)
  • Favorite activity: Lunch & a Movie (with Lisa B!)
  • Favorite newly discovered restaurant: Tin Angel
  • Favorite newly discovered divey restaurant: Victor's Tires & Tamales
  • Favorite workout: Master's swimming
  • Best Item I Made: Peach cake
  • Best Item I Ate: (suffering from immediacy) stuffed peppers at Cafe Madrid; sweet potato tamale at Mesa Grill; Winter Green ravioli at Union Square Cafe; Mushroom Soup at Ems; Bread Pudding at Hell's Backbone; Conejo paella at Sylvia & Don's.
That's all I can think of. I'm sure I left something out...but if I remember, I'll mention it next year. See you all on the other side.


Lisa B. said...

One thing I love about lists like this is the way they can make one's life feel rich and colorful. As does yours. Happy New Year!

Limon de Campo said...

Just rented Sarah Marshall because of this list. Don't you go jumping off of a cliff: I'll follow you.

ErinAlice said...

Yes. sarah Marshall. I might have to buy it. I am like you, I can never narrow it down to just one of anything. Happy New Year. Cheers!!