Friday, December 05, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Words

Last night, I made the mistake of saying that "bi-otch" was one of my favorite words (which it is!! I swear!!), but then I couldn't think of any long, beautiful words that are also my favorites, so I was left with that. But now that I've had time to think about it, here's my list, in no particular order:
  1. Omphaloskepsis: navel gazing
  2. Canticle: it means "I'm a pretty word!" No, it means hymn, but to me it also suggests candle light
  3. Tangential: divergent
  4. Jeeves (as in "I fancy a martini, Jeeves.")
  5. Like ( I like, like you, you know? or He's, like, like a girl.)
  6. Flibbertigibbet: whimsical person
  7. Phoneme: a sound, uttered
  8. Glossolalia: speaking in tongues
  9. Synesthesia: crossing of senses
  10. Sesquipedalian: polysyllabic (I used this in a poem once and it drove my teacher crazy!!)
What, dear readers, are your favorite words?


ErinAlice said...

OOH I have some:

Phenomenology: I just like how it sounds like that song: mah-num-a-nuh
Spectacular: I don't know why but I like how it sounds, it sounds spectacular.
Supercilious: I think this means arrogant but I like to use it around arrogant people because many of them don't know what it means and that makes ME feel superior!!!!!! I am sure there are many more that will come to me but that is all for now.

Renaissance Girl said...

mulch. for sure. sounds like what it is.

and l'esprit d'escalier, which means, literally, the spirit of the staircase. it's the term for that thing that happens when you figure out the exact right thing to say, the real zinger that you SHOULD HAVE SAID BUT DIDN'T, when you're on your way out the door afterward.

Lisa B. said...

I personally love the word "shenanigans," and would like to use it at every opportunity. Also, I would love to have others use it, as it fills me with delight. Curiously--and in this it is much like "mulch"--it also sounds like what it is.

theorris said...

Canticle is a damn fine word. I too think it evokes candles, but that is only tangential. It actually refers to chant.

I've always spelled "bi-otch" "beeyotch." As a male, one must reserve its use for other males, I fear.

susansinclair said...


richelle said...

velocity (I actually had a rat named velocity.)