Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Canticles and Omens

Perhaps I invest the days leading up to and the day of my birthday with too much importance. I believe, superstitiously, that what I do in these days sets the tone for the coming year and in some ways determines how the year will go. Last year on my birthday I went to IKEA and then drank too much. I won't be letting that happen again, rest assured.
This year I plan on starting the day early with a swim workout, taking Son to school, and doing some shopping at an event that benefits his school. Then I will go out to lunch and see a movie. In the evening, I plan on having some wine, a nice dinner with the family, perhaps a slice of cake, and then going downtown to see the lights and drink fancy hot drinks. A jam packed day, it sounds like!
But, I'm left with this question, on this, the most auspicious of birthdays, what are my wishes?
  • I want to finish the novel (please, god of unwritten novels, please just let me finish! it can even suck!)
  • I want to get some poems together and write some more
  • I want to finish some stories
  • I want to spend more quality time with Son
  • I want to read some really excellent books
  • I want to eat a lot of really good food, but in a moderate way
  • I want to exercise a lot, and run another race this year
  • I want to spend time with my friends
  • I want to learn more about myself
  • I want to take my yoga practice to the HNL
  • I want to just sit with husband, drinking a bottle of wine and watching the sunset, anywhere
  • I want to go to London and Paris (let's keep our fingers crossed)
  • I want to go to the coast
  • I want to take more photographs (with my SRL)
  • I want to speak more Spanish
  • I want to be better at tennis
  • I want to mountain bike
  • I want to ski
  • I want to keep swimming
  • I want to figure out our housing situation (either move or stop thinking about it. It's driving me crazy!)
  • I want to live simply to simply live


Limon de Campo said...

Is it today?? If so, Happy B-day!!

Nik said...

Sounds like a great plan--a find balance of wine and other things. Happy Birthday on the actual day!

Lisa B. said...

Happy happy birthday! I think your day sounds wonderful, and I hope that many of your wishes come true in the coming year. They are excellent, worthy wishes--why shouldn't they come true?

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

It's a good list, methinks. Especially the "getting the novel completed" one.

This looks like a great blog. I look forward to dropping in again soon.

Have a happy b-day (if it hasn't already happened), and an even better New Year.