Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing To Report

I wish I had something to say, but I don't. So here's my blog about nothing.
This morning I asked Son to choose between two of our traditional Christmas cookies and he chose both. So I guess that means that we have to make both. So this morning we'll make the peanut butter, chocolate kiss ones, sugar cookies tomorrow. I hope Son will eat more than his fair share, because I don't think I can eat very many (though I'm sure I will eat more than I should).
What are your favorite cookies readers? Here at our house, it's a tie between the seven layer bars and sugar cookies.
Happy baking and happy eating!


theorris said...

My mother used to make these excellent oatmeal cookies. No one has ever been able to replicate them.

aj said...

Fudge, mint cookies (chocolate cookies with an Andes mint on top), sugar cookies, peanut butter with choc kisses (but allergic to peanuts so only have 1), the chinese noodle cookies (with choc and butterscotch chips), oatmeal bars with chocolate filling... guess there's somewhat a theme--chocolate! Glad the hubby and parents eat them!

Lisa B. said...

For Christmas, sugar cookies, butter shortbread, date pinwheels, and a little thing I like to call a bon bon cookie. For some reason, I hardly ever make chocolate oriented cookies for Christmas, although I did make a chocolate peppermint cookie a couple of years ago that were both beautiful and delicious.

lis said...

I make linzer cookies every christmas. I like that they taste better and better the longer they sit around (up to a point, I suppose). I didn't mean for them to be a tradition, but people keep requesting them. My sis made her own batch this year since I wasn't around. This year I tried to make pistachio macarons and that was a total disaster. sigh.

Nik said...

I can finally eat cookies again! Your blog makes me hungry. I like Mexican wedding cookies but here El makes gingerbread, sugar with icing and chocolate chip. Rick's sister brought store-bought mint cookies which is what Z likes the best of course. Perhaps I'll ask Lisa B for her recipe to convert the Z to homemade.